Bathroom Remodeling



Whether you are looking to bring modern convenience and finishes to your bathroom, carve out space in your home for a powder room, or create a spa-like retreat, Millwork, Inc. will help you make your new bathroom a reality.  We use only high quality materials and construction practices, and partner with plumbing and electrical subcontractors who work to our high standards of professionalism and workmanship. We will work with you to determine a realistic budget and schedule, and to make the renovation as minimally disruptive to your household as possible, with regular communication along the way.  Our attention to detail and respect for your home and schedule set us apart. Custom-designed storage solutions and fine finishes will contribute to a highly functional and beautiful new bathroom that adds value to your home.


Millwork, Inc. prides itself on our craftsmanship, building practices and attention to detail.


Glenn is working at the job site every day alongside his crew, a loyal team of skilled carpenters who value high standards of workmanship, safety, and courteous and professional service.


Our reputation is based on the relationships we have built with our customers over the years, and the integrity we bring to every job.

An Unparalleled Remodeling Experience


We work with you closely to determine a fair and realistic budget and timeline, communicate with you throughout the project, and will not consider the job finished until you are completely satisfied.

A company that you can count on

Our work is not only beautiful and functional, but will stand the test of time.



Do I need plans to get an estimate?

For smaller bathrooms, you may not need plans.  However, it is very helpful if you know what you want.  Links to websites, clippings from a magazine, or photos of a bathroom that you just love will all help us understand what you want done. 

Do I need to hire an architect or professional designer?

 Again, the answer depends on the magnitude of the job. For bigger jobs, we usually do a rough estimate, and then suggest that you get plans drawn up if your budget is realistic.

Can I hire my own architect or designer?

Absolutely. We can work with a professional of your choice or can suggest one from our list of reliable partners.  We do like to be involved early in the design process to help lend some reality to the budgeting process. We have seen some magnificent plans never get built because all the bids exceeded the budget.  This unfortunate event can usually be avoided if the builder is part of the design process.

How exactly do you bid a job?

  We bid work either on a Fixed Price basis or on a Time and Materials basis.  In a Fixed Price situation, we bid off a well-defined set of plans and/or job specifications.  These jobs have a start price and an agreed upon payment schedule and any changes are executed via change order while the work is underway.  In a Time and Materials (T&M) situation, we quote you our Labor Rates per hour, and all other job costs are charged to you at our cost plus a markup.  We usually work under a T&M arrangement if the plans must evolve as the work continues or if the scope of work is impossible to determine at the time of the bid.  

Who will be in charge of my project? How will I communicate questions or concerns?

Your project will be assigned to one of our Lead Carpenters, who will serve as project manager, and will be on site daily.  The Lead Carpenter will be your point person throughout the construction process, and will be available to you through several means – on site, by phone call, text or email.  In addition, you are encouraged to contact Glenn directly at any point in the project.

How long does it take to remodel a bathroom?

That will depend on how large and complex a project it is.  We will do everything we can to keep the project on schedule and minimize your time without a functioning bathroom, by bidding realistically, working with trusted sub-contractors and suppliers, and partnering with your own architect and designer.  We will be accessible for frequent communication with you. You will be responsible for making timely decisions to avoid delays in ordering cabinets, fixtures and other elements of the design.

Do I need to be home while work is going on?

Not at all. You can feel confident leaving your home in our care when you head off to work.  The Millwork team and our sub-contractors take pride in the respect we show for your home, property and neighborhood.  Early morning or evening meetings, phone calls, text messages and emails are used to keep everyone on the same page.